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Some more pictures~   
04:17pm 18/01/2007
  pictures of Minwoo when he was little XD

01:41am 17/01/2007
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01:37am 17/01/2007
  This is a test post from Photobucket.com  
HeLLo! I'm NeW!! ^0^   
12:35pm 11/01/2007
  I'm new! I joined this community a few minutes ago! I'm Korean fan, and I live in Seoul. I'm not used to American websites, so I had a hard time finding the posting page^-^. And I'm not that good at English, so I'm having a hard time writing right now. T.T Anyway, this community was issued at MinWoo's cyworld, and I joined right away.

Few days ago, I uploaded some picture at R's cyworld, and he gave me three replies. So my name is quite known. ^.^ Oh, and my Korean name's 박현.

And I have a question..

What countries are you from?
Are there any Korean Patients??

Gosh.. It is so hard to write in English.. lol lol lol
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